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Tax evasion has become prevalent among the taxpayers without minding the legal consequence and the negative effect on internally generated revenue. This has partly led to the enlistment of Revenue Consultants in collaboration with the staff of the Board of Internal Revenue to correct the prevailing lapses.

As Tax Consultant, we have adequate knowledge of various means adopted by some taxpayers to evade tax. Some of these are:

  • Non registration with the Board of Revenue Services
  • Non remittance of deducted tax (PAYE or WHT)
  • Delayed remittances
  • Under declaration of income with resultant under deduction and remittance of taxes.
  • Rendition of false statements/records.
  • Non filing of annual returns Etc


Our target is to professionally correct all of the irregularities which will culminate into improved revenue base.


  • Registration of companies for Value Added Tax purpose.
  • Preparation and rendering of VAT returns on behalf of our clients.
  • VAT Planning.



 We play a dual role on this on behalf of the Revenue Services and our clients. We protect our client from undue exploitation by reviewing their various income subjected

to tax deduction at source for test of accuracy and application of correct rates on the income. Experience has shown that a lot of income is lost to the application of wrong rates which may not be discovered by the affected company due to oversight and time management necessitated by pressure of work and other exigencies.

For the Revenue Services, we owe the obligation of ensuring that appropriate withholding taxes due from our clients are accurately and completely computed and remitted timely.

In this circumstance, as professionals, we offer the required relief through our service to both parties and recover any excesses to the relevant party.