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In view of the emergence of a strict regime in the implementation of the provisions of Personal Income Tax Act 104 of 1993 as amended, our firm has positioned itself to render an efficient and effective service to our clients in the areas of Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), Withholding Taxes (WHT) and other Government levies. Specific services in this area include:

  • Pre-tax audit inspection-where we set out to establish the tax liability of our client prior to the arrival of the Board of Internal Revenue staff for similar exercise. This is done with a view to advising our client on how such ascertained liability could be managed without breaching the tax law.
  • Post-Tax audit review exercise-is carried out after the Tax audit team of the Board of Internal Revenue have concluded their audit and issued statutory report to reflect the status of the company as regards tax liability. This is done to ascertain the reasonableness and correctness of the liability so established and where necessary contests the content of the report with a view to settling any area of disagreement.
  • Installation of Tax efficient salary structure-We suggest and advice on various salary structures that can be adopted by our clients in order to take a maximum advantage of the provisions of the law without offending it.
  • Sundry PAYE Services.
  • Filing of income declaration form and processing it with the Board of Internal Revenue.
  • Monthly remittance of Pay-As-You-Earn and Withholding taxes.
  • Obtaining Personal Income Tax Clearance Certificates for employees of our clients.
  • Rendering of year-end returns to the BIR office as required by law.